Execution is a Funny Thing

March 15, 2021.

2 things on my mind this AM.

Sometimes (ok all the time) I am not moving on things as fast as I should be - or feel I am not anyway, and then I see someone else who is LITERALLY DOING IT and then, I worry about how come I am not doing it, and it just stresses me out and makes me feel bad about myself.

I noticed this feeling has been a pattern in my head since January. Especially since I didn't really START the New Year in terms of execution on my goals until February 1.

Then it struck me ... aaam Nicole the time you are spending worrying and feeling bad you could have taken an action ... according to YOUR carefully thought out and written out action plan and timeline. Situate that progress you are looking at that other person making, put it on your timeline, or adjust where it is on your timeline and accept it, and get back to work so you can get to that point faster. See it doesn't matter what other people are doing or when they are doing it, meaning I (and you) wouldn't be so bothered or disturbed if we KNEW that we were either on track to doing it or doing it according to our plan.

The discomfort with others' work is when it confronts us with the reminder of what we SHOULD be doing and are not doing.

So... that was fun. What else?

Execution is a FUNNY thing - we keep waiting to have this big money in order to start saving more of it, waiting for a big chunk of time to get that thing done, waiting for the conditions to be perfect, or exactly as we have imagined in our mind, to DO it, and yet REAL progress happens in the smallest of ways, done consistently, over time. You look up and BAM!

We have this human bias toward BIGGER IS BETTER and yet, winners understand the power of compounding - with money AND life. SO I thought today, hmmm I really need to keep this in mind constantly.

That erroneous mindset of waiting for ideal / big = PROCRASTINATION and stuckness.

And then we spend the time lamenting, worrying and wondering WHAT is wrong with us why we can't just achieve goals we've set. So, I am charging you this week to look for power in the small and focus in just doing the small things daily.
Also I think this is the same issue that really created FEAR in me, growing up as I thought of my big dreams, goals and BIG impact I wanted to have in the world - I would eventually become so scared of not achieving it that I stopped trying BIG things for fear of failure. When I truly appreciated that impact is in EACH person you affect positively, I really felt SO free! It's something I remind myself of often!

Well I hope you enjoyed this week's Monday Musings, I am still trying on the name, so don't be shocked if it changes next week.

Sending you LOVE and WINNING


PS: It's SO funny how when you're becoming more systematic with creating time assets - like a folder in Canva for all logos, for example, you will forget the new winning systematic you and think that the old you is in charge, spend precious time searching for the logo - when BAM it's in the LOGO folder you created that you TOTALLY forgot about! Stay with the process until your brain adjusts to this new winning you!

Disclaimer: this may or may not have been a personal experience that I had 15 minutes ago LOLOL

Author: Nicole McLaren Campbell
Nicole is a Goal Accelerator strategist, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, & Amazon best-selling author committed to helping you unleash your fullest potential and become the best version of yourself.

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