Hey! I'm Nicole
A Goal Accelerator strategist, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, & Amazon best-selling author committed to helping you unleash your fullest potential and become the best version of yourself.
But More Than That...
I am a Mom to 3 (LC, Joshua and my bonus-daughter, Ally), Wife to Jeffrey, Sister, Daughter and Inspirational Quote Junkie who is passionate about learning and sharing how to squeeze every ounce of life, from life.
I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica with parents and siblings who constantly pushed me to believe that anything was possible.

Constantly radiating passion and determination, I'm proud to have created platforms that have reached thousands of people

But not only that... I have helped so many to realize their potential and fulfill their wildest dreams.

I'm Always Asked
"How the hell did you get here?"
I was always chatty.
So much so that my Daddy would hold silence competitions that enticed my competitive spirit (but really just got me to shut up).
But what some may call "chatterbox", I call "opportunist".
I was always asking questions, always opinionated, always expressive and engaging. The trait paid off when I was selected for MIT's Junior Summit in 1998 which led to being chosen as one of "Twenty Teenagers who would Change the World" by Teen People Magazine and a feature on the Nickelodeon Channel's documentary "Nickellenium".

With a Bachelors in Economics from Princeton University, I chased (what I thought were) my dreams to my first job at Morgan Stanley in New York City.

I loved numbers & finance... I loved the big paychecks too! But did I love my career? No.

I knew I needed to be engaging with people: 
talking to them, motivating them, changing lives.

Fast Forward 10 Years Later...
I founded AIM Educational Services in 2010 and it revolutionized the college prep industry in Jamaica.

I was selected to speak at the Paris Headquarters of UNESCO as part of the Give1 Foundation Emerging Global Leaders Conference and presented with their Women in Leadership Award.

I founded the AIM Higher Foundation to empower low-income students to unlock their potential through tertiary education.
I serve on the Boards of Jamaica's Early Childhood Commission, the HEART Trust/NTA, the Jamaica Tertiary Education Committee and the CHASE Fund. 

I co-founded the Women Winning Now movement which has taken me to train sold out audiences in Toronto, New York, Miami and London.

And most recently, I've started the
Goal Accelerator Club 
an online community of women who help each other to work towards any and every goal they can think of.
See What Some of Our Goal Accelerators Have To Say...
Tenesha Manning
I have accomplished so much this year, I'm overly proud of myself, small wins add up believe me. One of the best advice I received was the best investment I could make - invest in myself. Thanks to Nicole & Goal Accelerator. Still got a long way to go but one one coco full basket. Winning.
Kareen Gordon
I had a lot of goals [but] wasn't good at execution. Execution was a BIG fail for me. The Goal Accelerator Club really helped me to focus on those goals - to define them, to remain consistent with doing the work, to become intentional about investing in myself - and I've seen so much growth in less than a year. 
Jennifer Judge
I completed my first every vision board with so much detail and accuracy... My accountability partner is super supportive even with her being so far away... Looking forward to 2020!!! Thank you GAC for reminding me to be deliberate about my life and not to allow everything to be left up to chance. 
All Of This Brings Me To You
I'm here to serve.
My companies are built on a mountain of passion for what's possible and a commitment to empowering others to become unstoppable forces - like myself. 

Through any free content, my social media engagement, online masterclasses and anything else my team and I have up our sleeves, we're in this to make a difference.
To help you to become the person you've always wanted to be. To live a life that's original and completely tailored to you. 

If you've read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship!
The best way to let this relationship THRIVE is to become a Goal Accelerator.
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